The Bridal Bouquet
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The Bridal Bouquet
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The title says it all. One photo from a friends wedding.

Exposure: 1/200 sec
Aperture: f 4.5
Date/Time Clicked: 2009-10-24 17:39:51
Focal Length: 154 mm
Camera: Canon, Canon EOS 1000D

Photo Tags: Bouquet, Bride, Evelyn, Goa, Groom, Ryan, Wedding,

  • beautiful!
    glad you didn't ruin it with the watermark :P
    Sailusha @ 2009-10-27 09:48:00
  • calendar material
    vicky @ 2009-10-27 11:09:21
  • This one's awesome... Maybe more of the bridal dress, but surely, never the face...
    Chris @ 2009-10-27 12:08:48
  • awesome
    john @ 2009-10-27 16:11:09