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Upper Basement at HRC, Hyderabad.

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Introducing the boys/men from Upper Basement. A bunch of clowns who play some decent music. On March 16, 2012 they locked horns with a couple of bands from around the country at Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad.

Here are a bunch of photos from that night.

We have here Mr. Kaustubh Kende. That guy who sits across my cubicle and when not working, can be found playing guitar and wooing the ladies. This is him, making sure food reaches our table.

Kaustubh Kende

This young man goes by the name Raj Kiran. All I know is that he plays the drums and is good at it. Other than making duck faces, he acts as the metronome.

Raj Kiran

This shoe belongs to the foot of Nikhil Dev. You will see more of his shoes later.

Dev's Shoe

Some of you might have seen this chap before. He is none other than Ferdinand D’souza. No, we are not related. There just happen to be a lot of D’souzas around the world and a few of us landed up in Hyderabad.


Ferdinand’s love for RHCP.

RHCP Tattoo

The man with the fever that night. Samuel Joseph. He battled on.

Sam Joe

Now that we got to know all the chums of UB, I shall leave you with some more photos. Haffun.

Metal Android



A couple of shots of Head Motif.

Head Motif

These guys won the competition that night.

Head Motif

And now back to UB.

Dev in Action

Shoes on Stage


Raj Drumming

Upper Basement

Upper Basement

Ferdie suddenly gives us directions.

He went that way

Kende Guitar

Kende Lead

Ferdie on Stage

And then the night was wrapped up.

The band would like to thank all those who turned up to support and cheer them on that night. The might have not won, but were glad to put on a performance for you all.

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