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The Music Room

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A bunch of us go to the music room now and then to jam up. These are boys in action. Can’t really write much, since music is music. So no much talk. Enjoy the photos.

Our human metronome for the evening was Nirmal Samuel.

The Music Room

The Music Room

Cherian Koshy on bass.

The Music Room

Our very own Joshua Singh took to the keys.

The Music Room

The Music Room

And Daniel Peddity unleashed his vocal talent.

The Music Room

The other microphone would have been in my hand, but sadly I can’t click and sing at the same time. So there it lay, neglected.

The Music Room

The Music Room

The boys then decided to switch acts and next thing we know, Cherian was play ’em keys.

The Music Room

Joshua joined in to add a few notes of his own.

The Music Room

While Danny dictated the bass lines.

The Music Room

The drummer remained unchanged. 😛

The Music Room

The Music Room

The Music Room

And that was it.

Here is a short video that was shot a few days earlier.

And, that my friends, is “The Music Room”.

The Music Room

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September 27th, 2011 at 9:47 pm

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Aeronautical Engineering at Work

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What was turning out to be a boring day at work had to be turned into something more exciting. Lying below Joshua Singh‘s desk was a task that no man could do. But I guess it was more because no one actually bothered to. Mukesh Mukhi came to the rescue and displayed his aeronautical engineering skills. The now assembled plane hangs on Vivaik Bharadwaaj‘s board with the other planes that he owns. This is a recollection of what happened that one boring day at the workplace.

We un-boxed the parts.

The parts

Only to land up with a complete mess.

The mess

And then began the assembling of tiny parts that no man had ever seen before.

The assembling

Luckily, Mukhi had the blueprint in front of him.

The blueprint

And in no time, the wheels were in place!

The wheels

Mukhi was hard at work, while Johnny watched from nearby.

The engineer

The engineering went on.

The engineering

Johnny kept an observant eye over the entire proceeding.

The observer

And then things started to take shape. We had a propellor and a fuselage.

The propeller

Swetha dropped by for some moral support.

The supporter

And here is a totally random shot of Mukhi’s spike! 😛

The spike

Some parts where yet to find their place.

The promotion

While others were just waiting to be attached.

The motion

Mukhi had to stop for a while and contemplate.

The contemplation

We had a rudder.

The rear

And we realized that it was totally safe for Mukhi to work with.

The instructions

The wings were in place.

The wing

And firmly attached.

The screwing

Some more parts were joined.

The joining

And fixed properly.

The adjustments

And voila! After all the hard work, sweat, tears, pain and trauma, the creation was ready to take off.

The creation

All the aeronautical engineering had finally paid off.

The plane

The great flight of softness can now be found hanging on the Man’s wall in his cabin.

On the Man's board

So that was that. A boring day at work, made less boring thanks to a whole ton of jobless people.
PS: We do work a lot actually.

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Written by Lovell D'souza

May 22nd, 2011 at 11:34 pm