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Business with Luanne

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It was Sunday morning. The little Luanne dropped by our place at Parra, with a board of Business (which seemed like a ripoff of Monopoly). But that did not stop us from getting our hands dirty with fake notes. Here are some photos clicked using my phone camera and the big bad 5dm2.

The box was opened.

And a lot of money was distributed. All three of us, showing off our tens of thousands of fake rupees.

Business with Luanne

Bonnie overlooked the proceeding that took place at the bank (Luanne) making sure the 1000s were not mistaken for 10000s.

Business with Luanne

And the battle was on!

The rule book did not provide any assistance. The english being from another country.

But dice were rolled.

Business with Luanne

And moves were made.

Business with Luanne

The old man wasn’t really bothered. He was done playing a game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ with Luanne moments ago. Now it was time to update himself with the nonsense that went on around our tiny state.

Business with Luanne

We were living the dream.

In particular, “I” was living the dream!

But that wasn’t enough to impress the old man. He was lost in the paper.

Business with Luanne

The game went on. Here is a clip of all the action. Okay, maybe not ‘all’, but some of it.

And landed up paying she did!

Business with Luanne

Houses were built and high rents were paid.

I got back my Tamron 70-300mm psycho lens. It created some magic later that day.

Business with Luanne

Luanne started to throw money around, like there was no tomorrow. Telling us to “keep the change”.

Business with Luanne

And that was it. The game was abandoned midway due to Luanne’s acts of kindness. Ultimately, there could only be one true winner…me.

Later that day we walked to Luanne’s place. This is a shot I got, thanks to a crazy lens, which I thought of turning into a coffee mug one day.


That’s all folks! That was ‘Business with Luanne’. Like/+1 and share the love.

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July 8th, 2012 at 1:11 am

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At the Sister’s

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And then, suddenly I packed my bags and headed off to my Sister‘s place. We had planned a road trip along with the BIL Bonnie. We were to meet the gamer pals Srijay and Sarvesh (who were to drive down from Pune) at Lonavala/Khandala the next morning, and hang around there for a day or two.

The eve was spent at the Sister’s where I received the VIP treatment. Same treatment that I receive when I go back home to my Motherland, Goa.

The Sister and I grew up reading books, hence you will find her place or mine always filled with books lying all over the place. Its a different thing that off late all my books are lying in a cupboard. But I plan to read those sometime in the future.

We have our sharing system. If the Sister buys a book, I don’t buy it. If I buy a book, the Sister won’t buy it. When we meet, we exchange our stash. If we don’t meet, the stash gets pilled up at home in Goa. From where we pick the best of the lot and take it to our respective places. This system works perfect.

Back to the Sister’s place. There was a whole bunch kept for me to choose from. I took all.

The Books

Bonnie shows up with a so called ‘ergonomic’ mouse, which drew the attention away from the books. Jolene played around with it for a bit and realized that it a complete load of bull. I wonder where that mouse is lying now.

Jolene's Nails

And guess who was lying near the Sister’s bed. Sponge Bob, Square Pants! There is another Sponge Bob lying at home in the showcase btw.

Sponge Bob

More soft toys made their presence felt.

Soft Love

My stash comprised of just one book. Which I read on the train from Hyderabad to Mumbai. This one is now archived in a cupboard at Home, Motherland.

No God at Sight

The Sister then got down to business and did some research on locations around Mumbai. Notice the awesome wallpaper of the Gulmarg Gondola she has on screen! 😀

The Sister

And the soft toys were back!

More Soft Love

But the moment was ruined thanks to the standard shoot yourself in the mirror since no one documents the photographer moment.


We were in two minds whether to go to Bhimashaker instead. Google maps to the rescue and the Sister to the research.

Google Maps

And yes, chocolates! Thank to our aunt who got these for us. Oh, and there you seen another book on Paper Quilling. You should check out my Mother’s Quilling work.

The Chocolates

My machine was with me too. This bad boy took me places.

The T61

Oh and this book, I had to take back and archive it at the Motherland. Turns out the Sister had bought this one too. Fail on my part.

My Friend Sancho

All this research, hanging around, eating chocolates made time fly. Before we knew it, it was pretty late.


Time had come to call it a night. The next day would involve a lot of driving in heavy rains. We all would need out beauty sleep.

More soft toys were found lying by the bed.

Soft Toys

I clicked a photo of what the author of “No God in Sight” had to say.

The Author

And then the lights were out.

Written by Lovell D'souza

June 19th, 2011 at 1:53 pm