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Road Trip with the Pedditys!

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The long weekend it was, and my good friend, Daniel Peddity was kind enough to allow me to tag along with him and his awesome folks to Goa! Camera, one set of clothes and a laptop all shared the space of one bag and off we were to my Motherland!

We hit the road via the Mumbai highway. Hyderabad’s great crawling traffic was there to greet us. We were part of the chaos.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

I took the the role of the navigator and made sure to document everything and anything. We did record our track before the phone battery started to die out. But navigator I was! And navigation I did! And other useless things too. Like clicking photos.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

Finally we were on the outskirts of Hyderabad and the roads had some mercy on us.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

Yes, we did come across the occasional stunt riders on the highway. These two indulging in a crazy balancing act. Not to mention that they had another bag nicely balanced on the tank of the bike.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

We saw wheels. A lot of them.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

And, some ‘highly in flammable’ stuff.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

We were to make a pit stop at Danny’s Aunt’s place. And passed through a busy market. Business was on as usual. Everyone making a living.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

And then, the irresponsible shame to the nation was spotted. This chap totally not bothered about the people behind while he took the turns.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

We had to overtake him to avoid death.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

More stunt riders.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

We passed through a village. The fields on either sides greeted us.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

Road Trip with the Pedditys

Road Trip with the Pedditys

And so did a herd of cattle.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

And then, out of no where, the skies decided to unleash the raindrops.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

Road Trip with the Pedditys

But it did stop. And we made it safely to Danny’s Aunt’s place. The camera went into the bag and what followed was a night of nonstop driving. I switched to the wheel at sometime in the middle of the night and I’m pretty sure I sleep drove for a while. Thanks to the non-existence of proper road signs we burnt some rubber and also flew over some speed breakers. A mongoose almost got hit, but some NFS moves saved the day. Anyone and everyone we asked for directions told us to take a turn at the round about with the Shivaji statue. Not to mention that every round about had one of these statues.

We battled the rain. Danny’s Dad, suddenly in the middle of the night, zoomed pass me and I was like, “He so can’t do that!” and so, the battle of the rains turned into the battle of the flying cars. More speed breakers appeared from no where. Finally we experienced the moon’s surface at the Belgaum – Goa highway. I think I destroyed the underneath of Danny’s car while trying to negotiate these crazy roads.

But after all the chaos and madness, we were at the road to Ponda! We made a quick pit stop.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

And, took in the fresh air!

Road Trip with the Pedditys

Let the cars take some rest.

Road Trip with the Pedditys

And then, we were there. Motherland! 😀

Update (June 1, 2012)
Added a couple of uncut raw footage videos from that day.

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Written by Lovell D'souza

August 14th, 2011 at 12:48 am

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  1. Wish I was with you guys bro!!


    14 Aug 11 at 7:32 am

  2. put this all in a book enjoy viewing pictures


    17 Aug 11 at 8:51 am

  3. oooso much fun
    can we plan another road trip with chloe for moms & pops anni time. will take from the 3rd to 7th off. wot say? 6th is a holiday BTW.


    18 Aug 11 at 11:13 am

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