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Rebyl and Daniel – Behind the Scenes

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It all started on the 14th of December 2010. Our good friend Daniel Peddity aka Saniel aka Sanny Beta aka Peddity aka Peddity Bhai (the list goes on) was to marry his beautiful bride Rebyl Pinto. So it was! Off we were to the hide out. This is a short recollection of a little bit of what went on behind the scenes and got captured.


First we needed a practice shot of what was to become Rebyl and Daniel. Thats our man sipping on some coke while he attacked his Mac D burger at the same time. Which reminds me, I did not get one. 😛


And whats a groom if he isn’t well groomed. So off he was to clean up the mane. We did try to get him to take off the crazy side burn, but he was like, “No, Rebyl likes it”.


Luckily on site was our very own Mukesh Mukhi. Taking calls, running around, and doing what he does best. That is, keeping himself busy.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

The weapon of choice for the day was the Canon Rebel T2i. Yeah, I know I gotta upgrade to a full frame sometime soon. I’m on that, though it may take a while. If anyone knows anyone else who wants to gift me a Canon 5D Mark II, then you know where to find me.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

Checklist. Check!

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

Then the boys got ready.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

While the dude recording the video did his thing.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

Time flew by. And then arrived the bride’s bouquet. It was heavy indeed. Must have weighed more than a kilo surely. I handed it over to Rebyl and she went, “This is heavy!”

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

And off we were for the ceremony. There were other photographers too. Who made sure that they were in the thick of action. I lurked in the background not wanting to disrupt the proceedings. Which reminds me, this is the only wedding which I made it to without having a bath! I wouldn’t have had a suit either. But thanks to my good friend’s John Paul, Mukesh Mukhi and Vignesh Anand my shoes and shirt somehow landed up in a car at the venue. Now how I landed up not having a bath is a whole different story. Lets blame the groom for that!

Now, now! Please draw your attention back to wedding.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

The bride’s brother stood at a side watching his sister get into good hands.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

The Pastor on the other hand was fooling around a lot. Popping into the frame while I tried to get some shots. This one is for you Pastor.

And then they were married. We headed off to a studio since the other photographer wanted to get some studio shots of the couple.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

So off I was to the studio. Answering a number of calls asking why are the newly weds absconding while I watched the two of them indulge in some funny poses. I got a whole bunch of photos of this action. But I’ll share those sometime in the future.

Finally all that jazz was done. And off we were to the reception.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

We had a few minutes to take some shots. This one went all wrong.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

This is the best fail moment from the wedding. We just got out of the lift. All the guests was present at the reception waiting for the bride and groom. The lighting at the lift was perfect. The mirrored wall played well with the light, bouncing it all over the place. I went, “we gotta get a shot”. But some unknown folks were getting out of the other lift. Rebyl goes, “get those people to wait”. I look into the viewfinder and had a split second to decide whether I should get a shot of some strangers with the bride or me with the bride. I won.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

The reception commenced. Got this photo of me clicking the couple thanks to Paul. And then the reception ended.

A bunch of us stayed back since it was Daniel’s birthday. We decided to sing for the groom.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

So it was done.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

Mr. Krupakar Peddity had some thoughts to share. I did not get any close to him. (Photo by Emmanuel Peddity)

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

And yes, I managed to get the couple to take their rings off. Woohoo, thats a first! And, Saniel Beta if you are reading this, I’m still waiting for the rings. Need those close up shots.


And thats them. Mr and Mrs Peddity. And they lived happily ever after.

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January 28th, 2011 at 1:14 am

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