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At the Sister’s

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And then, suddenly I packed my bags and headed off to my Sister‘s place. We had planned a road trip along with the BIL Bonnie. We were to meet the gamer pals Srijay and Sarvesh (who were to drive down from Pune) at Lonavala/Khandala the next morning, and hang around there for a day or two.

The eve was spent at the Sister’s where I received the VIP treatment. Same treatment that I receive when I go back home to my Motherland, Goa.

The Sister and I grew up reading books, hence you will find her place or mine always filled with books lying all over the place. Its a different thing that off late all my books are lying in a cupboard. But I plan to read those sometime in the future.

We have our sharing system. If the Sister buys a book, I don’t buy it. If I buy a book, the Sister won’t buy it. When we meet, we exchange our stash. If we don’t meet, the stash gets pilled up at home in Goa. From where we pick the best of the lot and take it to our respective places. This system works perfect.

Back to the Sister’s place. There was a whole bunch kept for me to choose from. I took all.

The Books

Bonnie shows up with a so called ‘ergonomic’ mouse, which drew the attention away from the books. Jolene played around with it for a bit and realized that it a complete load of bull. I wonder where that mouse is lying now.

Jolene's Nails

And guess who was lying near the Sister’s bed. Sponge Bob, Square Pants! There is another Sponge Bob lying at home in the showcase btw.

Sponge Bob

More soft toys made their presence felt.

Soft Love

My stash comprised of just one book. Which I read on the train from Hyderabad to Mumbai. This one is now archived in a cupboard at Home, Motherland.

No God at Sight

The Sister then got down to business and did some research on locations around Mumbai. Notice the awesome wallpaper of the Gulmarg Gondola she has on screen! 😀

The Sister

And the soft toys were back!

More Soft Love

But the moment was ruined thanks to the standard shoot yourself in the mirror since no one documents the photographer moment.


We were in two minds whether to go to Bhimashaker instead. Google maps to the rescue and the Sister to the research.

Google Maps

And yes, chocolates! Thank to our aunt who got these for us. Oh, and there you seen another book on Paper Quilling. You should check out my Mother’s Quilling work.

The Chocolates

My machine was with me too. This bad boy took me places.

The T61

Oh and this book, I had to take back and archive it at the Motherland. Turns out the Sister had bought this one too. Fail on my part.

My Friend Sancho

All this research, hanging around, eating chocolates made time fly. Before we knew it, it was pretty late.


Time had come to call it a night. The next day would involve a lot of driving in heavy rains. We all would need out beauty sleep.

More soft toys were found lying by the bed.

Soft Toys

I clicked a photo of what the author of “No God in Sight” had to say.

The Author

And then the lights were out.

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June 19th, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Aeronautical Engineering at Work

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What was turning out to be a boring day at work had to be turned into something more exciting. Lying below Joshua Singh‘s desk was a task that no man could do. But I guess it was more because no one actually bothered to. Mukesh Mukhi came to the rescue and displayed his aeronautical engineering skills. The now assembled plane hangs on Vivaik Bharadwaaj‘s board with the other planes that he owns. This is a recollection of what happened that one boring day at the workplace.

We un-boxed the parts.

The parts

Only to land up with a complete mess.

The mess

And then began the assembling of tiny parts that no man had ever seen before.

The assembling

Luckily, Mukhi had the blueprint in front of him.

The blueprint

And in no time, the wheels were in place!

The wheels

Mukhi was hard at work, while Johnny watched from nearby.

The engineer

The engineering went on.

The engineering

Johnny kept an observant eye over the entire proceeding.

The observer

And then things started to take shape. We had a propellor and a fuselage.

The propeller

Swetha dropped by for some moral support.

The supporter

And here is a totally random shot of Mukhi’s spike! 😛

The spike

Some parts where yet to find their place.

The promotion

While others were just waiting to be attached.

The motion

Mukhi had to stop for a while and contemplate.

The contemplation

We had a rudder.

The rear

And we realized that it was totally safe for Mukhi to work with.

The instructions

The wings were in place.

The wing

And firmly attached.

The screwing

Some more parts were joined.

The joining

And fixed properly.

The adjustments

And voila! After all the hard work, sweat, tears, pain and trauma, the creation was ready to take off.

The creation

All the aeronautical engineering had finally paid off.

The plane

The great flight of softness can now be found hanging on the Man’s wall in his cabin.

On the Man's board

So that was that. A boring day at work, made less boring thanks to a whole ton of jobless people.
PS: We do work a lot actually.

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May 22nd, 2011 at 11:34 pm

Mr. and Mrs. Alpha

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Ladies and gentlemen, before we dive into another post, let me introduce you to Mr and Mrs Alpha.

Johnny, Lovell and Tulsi

Oh yes, good ‘ol Johnny and Tulsi. Thats the three of us at Daniel’s and Rebyl’s wedding, a few months back during my rabbi days.

Now for some more context. Johnny was baptized “Alpha Male” while on our legendary trips to the Himalayas. Not only because he used to take all the decisions and resolve any conflicts. But also because he was the eldest of the lot. Hence came the name “Alpha Male”. Now Alpha Male went on to marry Tulsi, who by default became Alpha Female and has since gained the respect of all members of the pride.

Recently, a bunch of us headed off to Hampi for a weekend filled with a packed agenda of doing absolutely nothing. One fine sunny afternoon, while all the other animals were lazing around catching a quick nap, Mr and Mrs Alpha were found fooling around.

Alpha female tried to distract Aplha male.

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

But he was too busy playing with PowerShot.

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

But then everything fell into place. And Alpha male went, snap!

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha


Mr. & Mrs. Alpha


Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

And, snap!

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

Alpha female was impressed.

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

Knowing that she was being watched, she tried to conceal her identity.

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

But Alpha male was not bothered a bit.

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

I shall now leave you with the shy Alpha female and the dangerous, yet calm king of the pride.

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

Alpha male suddenly realized that he needed to document him and his Alpha female too. So there went another snap!

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

And they lived happily ever after.

Mr. & Mrs. Alpha

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April 22nd, 2011 at 8:43 pm

Hampi (Again)

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Unreal and bewitching, the forlorn ruins of Hampi lie scattered over a landscape that leaves you spellbound the moment you cast your eyes on it. Heaps of giant boulders perch precariously over miles of undulated terrain, their rusty hues offset by jade-green pals groves, banana plantations and paddy fields, while the aure sky painted with fluffy white cirrus only adds to the magical atmosphere.

Thats what the Lonely Planet book had to say. Screw all that, we just wanted to get out of Hyderabad, and Hampi it was.

This time Alpha Male had his Mrs along. Introducing Tulsi Gandhi, who was on a trip with us for the first time


We had a late night bus to catch, so we hung around the work place to kill time.

A word with the Man

We had a word with the man himself, Vivaik Bharadwaj. We spoke about some lenses, tripods and how folks in the office are scared of him. SJ (John Paul) got some last minute work done, while Dev (Nikhil Dev) displayed some addiction to the latest Nexus craze, Robo Defense.

Work and play

We waited for SJ to finish his work and just clicked some random shots around the office.

The office

Dev takes a shot

The sound

And then we were done! Machines locked, tickets in the bag, laces tied, and we were off.

Johnny logs off

And over night bus ride, a couple of auto rickshaws from Hospet and finally we were there.


We cross the river and were greeted by this.

Finally at Hampi!

I hope no one was offended by me wearing shorts all the time. Not that I had great legs to flaunt. 😛
We did not pre book any place, hence no rooms were available at the good places at Hampi, aka Mowgli and Shanti Guest Houses. So we had to settle for a couple of rooms at this place called Laxmi Golden Beach Resort. Seriously? Beach Resort? I did not notice any beach!

The place was very nice, but the service was pathetic. The folks at the counter did not bother to entertain anyone who was not ‘white skinned’. They seemed to have hired a bunch of guys who suffered from amnesia. They could not remember anything we asked or told them. Anyway, we had to settle for this place.

We just hung around and had a nice lazy breakfast.




SJ got down to doing his usual nonsense.


We then settled down at our base camp and indulged in some refreshment.

At base camp

At boot camp

Lunch time was around the corner, so we decided to hit the “Goan Corner” and indulge in some Goan food. So the Goan corner it was!

Off to the Goan Corner

We made our ways through the fields. The village boys, SJ and I, explained to the city kids that difference in the mud textures ment difference in the strength of the soil. Basically you could fall into the fields if you did not see where you placed you foot.

Growing up in the village ment I could run around without falling into the fields. And then managed to go click!

Off to the Goan Corner


Off to the Goan Corner

And, Click!

Off to the Goan Corner

Finally, we were there! The Goan Corner.

Off to the Goan Corner

Lunch at the Goan Corner

Lunch at the Goan Corner

Lunch at the Goan Corner

Lunch was crazy. We ate some Chicken Cafreal and Chicken Xacuti while SJ cracked some legendary Johnny Jokes. Everyone was in splits and we had a real good time over looking the lush green fields.

Lunch at the Goan Corner

Back to base camp

After a ton of burps and navigating back to our base camp, we decided to head off to the river and watch the sun set. Sadly, lazy folks that we are, we missed the sunset but there was enough of light to find our way to the river.

To the river

And then we were there. By the river bank.

To the river

To the river

To the river

It got dark. And all we could think of was dinner. We decided to head to the Shanti Guest House and spend the lazy evening there. Food was ordered, mosquitoes were killed and a lot of photos of inanimate objects were clicked. I got a nice shot of my 50mm lens that evening. More photo from that evening will feature on my Photo Blog or Facebook Page soon.

Dinner at the Shanti Guest House

Nightfall, and it was to be a night of drinks and discussion. We hit base camp again.

At base camp

At base camp

At base camp

The handful of us went on talking till around 4 in the morning. Lots of topics discussed. Lots of noises heard from the neighboring cottage. And then it was time to indulge in some slumber.

Next morning. Oh wait, there was no next morning. It directly started as next afternoon. Us hungry souls had to indulge in some gastric satisfactions. The destination was set, Mogli Restaurant it was.

We drank, ate, sat, wasted time, ate, drank, wasted more time. We made lazy people look active.

Lunch at the Mowgli Restaurant

Lunch at the Mowgli Restaurant

Lunch at the Mowgli Restaurant

Lunch at the Mowgli Restaurant

There was an impromptu photoshoot of Tulsi & Johnny that happened. Those photos will be up somewhere sometime soon.

Lunch time turned into tea time.

Lunch at the Mowgli Restaurant

Lunch at the Mowgli Restaurant

Lunch at the Mowgli Restaurant

Oh, and as a Goan, you are required to sleep post lunch. Its tradition. You don’t want to displease your dead forefathers by not doing so.

Lunch at the Mowgli Restaurant

It was evening in no time. We had a bus to catch at Hospet. We headed back to our base camp and packed up.

At base camp

At base camp

At base camp

The laziest trip ever came to an end. Bye bye Hampi.

Bye bye Hampi

So that was it. No nonsense. No sightseeing. Just eat, drink, sleep and repeat.

The complete album of us Clowns at Hampi can be found on Flickr. More albums and stories to come soon.

And here is a video of us all winding up the trip with a few words of wisdom.
PS: It’s totally for fun.

Thank you for reading. 😛

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February 26th, 2011 at 9:54 pm

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Rebyl and Daniel – Behind the Scenes

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It all started on the 14th of December 2010. Our good friend Daniel Peddity aka Saniel aka Sanny Beta aka Peddity aka Peddity Bhai (the list goes on) was to marry his beautiful bride Rebyl Pinto. So it was! Off we were to the hide out. This is a short recollection of a little bit of what went on behind the scenes and got captured.


First we needed a practice shot of what was to become Rebyl and Daniel. Thats our man sipping on some coke while he attacked his Mac D burger at the same time. Which reminds me, I did not get one. 😛


And whats a groom if he isn’t well groomed. So off he was to clean up the mane. We did try to get him to take off the crazy side burn, but he was like, “No, Rebyl likes it”.


Luckily on site was our very own Mukesh Mukhi. Taking calls, running around, and doing what he does best. That is, keeping himself busy.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

The weapon of choice for the day was the Canon Rebel T2i. Yeah, I know I gotta upgrade to a full frame sometime soon. I’m on that, though it may take a while. If anyone knows anyone else who wants to gift me a Canon 5D Mark II, then you know where to find me.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

Checklist. Check!

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

Then the boys got ready.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

While the dude recording the video did his thing.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

Time flew by. And then arrived the bride’s bouquet. It was heavy indeed. Must have weighed more than a kilo surely. I handed it over to Rebyl and she went, “This is heavy!”

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

And off we were for the ceremony. There were other photographers too. Who made sure that they were in the thick of action. I lurked in the background not wanting to disrupt the proceedings. Which reminds me, this is the only wedding which I made it to without having a bath! I wouldn’t have had a suit either. But thanks to my good friend’s John Paul, Mukesh Mukhi and Vignesh Anand my shoes and shirt somehow landed up in a car at the venue. Now how I landed up not having a bath is a whole different story. Lets blame the groom for that!

Now, now! Please draw your attention back to wedding.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

The bride’s brother stood at a side watching his sister get into good hands.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

The Pastor on the other hand was fooling around a lot. Popping into the frame while I tried to get some shots. This one is for you Pastor.

And then they were married. We headed off to a studio since the other photographer wanted to get some studio shots of the couple.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

So off I was to the studio. Answering a number of calls asking why are the newly weds absconding while I watched the two of them indulge in some funny poses. I got a whole bunch of photos of this action. But I’ll share those sometime in the future.

Finally all that jazz was done. And off we were to the reception.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

We had a few minutes to take some shots. This one went all wrong.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

This is the best fail moment from the wedding. We just got out of the lift. All the guests was present at the reception waiting for the bride and groom. The lighting at the lift was perfect. The mirrored wall played well with the light, bouncing it all over the place. I went, “we gotta get a shot”. But some unknown folks were getting out of the other lift. Rebyl goes, “get those people to wait”. I look into the viewfinder and had a split second to decide whether I should get a shot of some strangers with the bride or me with the bride. I won.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

The reception commenced. Got this photo of me clicking the couple thanks to Paul. And then the reception ended.

A bunch of us stayed back since it was Daniel’s birthday. We decided to sing for the groom.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

So it was done.

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

Mr. Krupakar Peddity had some thoughts to share. I did not get any close to him. (Photo by Emmanuel Peddity)

Rebyl and Daniel - Behind the Scenes

And yes, I managed to get the couple to take their rings off. Woohoo, thats a first! And, Saniel Beta if you are reading this, I’m still waiting for the rings. Need those close up shots.


And thats them. Mr and Mrs Peddity. And they lived happily ever after.

An yes here are some links that you would like to visit.
Rebyl and Daniel – The Engagement
Rebyl and Daniel – The Wedding Album
My ten favorite shots from the wedding

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January 28th, 2011 at 1:14 am

Kids Play

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And then I was at my cousin’s wedding. Running around like a moron clicking photos while no one was looking. Candid shots are the best! Luckily for me, the flower girl and the page boy were two real cute kids. The page boy, my cousin’s little boy. Yes, I have tons of cousins. And, I’m not really sure who the page girl was, but she was photogenic as ever!

The wedding mass was getting to us all. To me in particular. So off I went to the front of the church to find the two little kids having some fun time of their own.

Here is ‘Kids Play’.

Kids Play

Little Boy: Hey, you got such nice hands.

Kids Play

Little Girl: Your hands are nice too.

Kids Play

Little Girl: And they are soft.

Kids Play

Little Boy: But your hands are so pretty.

Kids Play

Little Boy: I like you other hand too.

Kids Play

Little Girl: Oh my God, you are so awesome.
Little Boy: Man, those hands!

Kids Play

Little Girl: Photographer, get some good shots!

Kids Play

Kids Play

Kids Play

Kids Play

Little Girl: Hey! Look!!!

Kids Play

Little Girl: Look! Look at that bird!
Little Boy: I’m just happy looking at you.

Kids Play

Little Girl: Oh, wait. Is he giving me that look?

Kids Play

And, muah!

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January 15th, 2011 at 11:56 pm

To Anantagiri Hills – Part 1

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The day started off pretty early. By early I mean, I had to wake up at 5.30 am. We had a team outing and Anantgiri hills, Vikarabad was the destination. We were supposed to take the bus along with the rest of the team, but then decided to hitch a ride with the man himself, Vivaik Baradwaaj in his new Volkswagen Polo.

The Start

And off we were! I had the pleasure of being the navigator, all because there is never enough place for fat guys on the back seat. But in my defense, I’m really good at navigating and reading Google Maps. Which of course, did come handy later that morning.

The Fog

More Fog

Even More Fog

A foggy morning it was. The visibility was very bad and we could hardly see a few meters up front. Our fate lied in the the hands of the ex – Air force guy at the drivers wheel. The roads were a complete mess bearing much resemblance to that of the moon’s surface. A couple of times the base of the car took a complete beating. But somehow we reached out destination in one piece.

Our Ride

The Company

We stopped at a temple. The man stepped out to survey the surrounding. I guess it is something you learn to do at the armed forces. We four on the other hand stood with the car, cracked some jokes and acted suspicious.

On The Phone

Manasa got in touch with the rest of the folks and found out that they were quite far back. We had enough of time in our hands to move around and check the place out. It was decided to that we visit the Kotepalli reservoir nearby.

Johnny's Look

To be continued…

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November 28th, 2010 at 3:03 am