The Doll
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The Doll
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The Doll at The Mango Tree restaurant in Hampi.

Exposure: 1/100 sec
Aperture: f 5.6
Date/Time Clicked: 2009-07-04 17:22:25
Focal Length: 70 mm
Camera: Canon, Canon EOS 1000D

Photo Tags: Doll, Hampi, The Mango Tree,

  • Dude, enough of HDRing I mean manual editing of the pics :p
    Joshua @ 2009-08-20 01:07:48
  • nice shot! although the doll seems to have been through a lot in her life :)
    Cess @ 2009-08-20 02:16:44
  • damn i m trying to leave comment and for whatever reason does not work (maybe i don t click on 'Add', sorry i got my brain with discount) anyway, the pic is really cool, I like the colors, It seems that doll had a tough life :)
    Cess @ 2009-08-20 14:41:55
  • @Josh: No HDR here. I just increased the saturation, that's all.

    Lovell @ 2009-08-22 01:34:13
  • Brilliant Lovell
    Neil Rodrigues @ 2009-08-28 18:27:16