Maybe Heaven
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Maybe Heaven
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Maybe, this is the closest I get to seeing heaven. :D

Exposure: 1/160 sec
Aperture: f 10
Date/Time Clicked: 2009-07-05 18:06:09
Focal Length: 52 mm
Camera: Canon, Canon EOS 1000D

Photo Tags: Hampi, River,

  • Where is this?
    Joshua @ 2009-08-18 01:11:57
  • Where do you think it is? :P
    Lovell @ 2009-08-18 08:12:44
  • dude, great pic, shades of lights makes it super. I will repeat where is this??? UK?
    Rahul @ 2009-08-18 10:38:44
  • @Both: This picture was clicked on the evening that we left from Hampi. There are more shots of the clouds etc, did not know of HDR then else I'd have some better pictures..
    Lovell @ 2009-08-18 11:00:54
  • fantastic. the light hitting the surfaces!

    greycellsinxs @ 2009-08-18 13:09:24
  • @Poop: Thanks!
    Lovell @ 2009-08-22 01:35:45