The not so famous four
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The not so famous four
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The not so famous four who reached the summit at Chopta.

In this photo: Rahul, John, Vignesh and Mukesh.

Exposure: 1/125 sec
Aperture: f 8
Date/Time Clicked: 2009-04-30 17:05:02
Focal Length: 55 mm
Camera: Canon, Canon EOS 1000D

Photo Tags: Chandrashila, Chopta, Himalayas, John, Mukesh, Rahul, Uttaranchal, Vignesh,

  • lol Johnny looks funny...nice pic..was there anyway u cud ve removed the blur at the bottom of the pic?
    vicky @ 2009-08-15 20:05:28
  • That is a NICE pic!!
    Mukesh @ 2009-08-15 21:59:19
  • @Vig: The blur is supposed to be there in the pic.
    @Babu: It is a nice pic indeed. And thanks for correcting the typo :P
    Lovell @ 2009-08-15 22:23:03
  • Super pic man
    Joshua @ 2009-08-16 10:54:10
  • nice pic man, looks like one Telugu movie poster. Great angle.
    Rahul @ 2009-08-16 12:53:49
  • Haha LOL... telegu movie :P
    The return of the tourists.. wonder how you say that in telegu..
    Lovell @ 2009-08-16 12:59:34
  • @Josh: Thanks..
    Lovell @ 2009-08-16 13:00:29
  • macha's expression... i think he had that extra thick layer of lip balm on
    Joshua @ 2009-08-16 21:53:26
  • hahaha..something wrong with vignesh lips, but then a good pic
    john @ 2009-08-17 10:21:57