The Old Hall
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The Old Hall
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Finally I am back home. I have this urge to make a short film. Something deep and meaningful. But, ideas just don't seem to sink in as of now. Yet just for kicks, and just to try out video editing software, I decided to make a micro movie of the Old Hall at home. We call it the "Old Hall" since we have another hall and thats the "New Hall". The new hall is boring. It got the TV, some showcases, grilled windows, etc and is made of concrete.

The Old Hall on the other hand is this tiled roof room, with huge windows that open up the fresh air. I has a lot of old stuff lying there. A 25+ year old dining table, that was and is still being used as a study table. A couple of rocking chair that are still going strong and a lot more.

I grew up in the old hall. This is a shot of the documenting going on. Lots of cutting to start now.

Exposure: 1/30 sec
Aperture: N/A
Date/Time Clicked: 2011-10-22 14:04:39
Focal Length: N/A
Camera: Canon, Canon EOS REBEL T2i

Photo Tags: Documenting, Goa, Old Hall, Parra,

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