Boat meets Deck
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Boat meets Deck
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A HDR image of what would normally not be noticed. The part where the boat met the deck. Not really sure if it is called the deck, but who cares? :P Click at the Dal Lake, Srinagar.

Exposure: 1/125 sec
Aperture: f 7.09
Date/Time Clicked: 2009-09-04 12:28:14
Focal Length: 18 mm
Camera: N/A, Canon EOS 1000D

Photo Tags: boat, dal, house, lake, srinagar,

  • the texture on the wood is amazing!
    greycellsinxs @ 2010-01-21 10:23:01
  • Dude, your pics are amazing. You really have an eye. This is the only useful thing that I have found on our crap sandwich - T****, now B***. I don't usually comment but this is truly amazing :)
    Pranav Dangwal @ 2010-02-03 23:57:04